Steels, Aluminium & Cast Iron


Machining Directly From CAD Data


We have capacity to work one ‘one offs’ to medium sized production runs, machining directly from CAD data for complex Multi surface models.

We work in a wide range of materials including: Tool Steels, Duplex Stainless Steels as well as Mild Steel, Aluminium Alloys, Cast Irons & Plastics

CNC Milling1270 X 660 X 635, 4 Axis capacity
Milling Conventional1275 X 660 X 600
Conventional TurningUp to 4m long
CNC TurningØ 2" bar - 8" chunk Ø 3" bar - 10" chuck
Vertical BoringØ 60" X 23"
Horizontal Boring1600 X 1500 x 1000

We also offer machining, fabrication and finishing services.
Call us on 01594 820 840 to discuss your requirements.